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Whenever possible, bracket exposure in contrasty lighting situations, camera meters have been known to read light with too much emphasis on the light (or dark) area.


Use the Rule of Thirds to help improve your compositions. The rule states that you draw imaginary lines 1/3 of the way in from all sides of your frame, then place your point of interest (your subject[s]) on one of the intersecting points.

  Photography is, literally, “writing with light”.  
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About Color Calibration

A collection of links provided to give some understanding about Color calibration techniques and technology.

There is much discussion about the relative merits of using different color spaces. Simply, and for most needs, the sRGB color space will satisfy most requirements. While being "somewhat limited" when compared to Adobe RGB 1998, it is broadly accepted as being the most accurate and consistent. sRGB does not require individual ICC profiles to work properly.

In the photographic world, most devices are comfortable working in sRGB Color space. Converting an image from sRGB, if this is the Color space your capture device works in, will have no advantage.

Adobe RGB 1998 was developed to work primarily in CMYK format, which is appropriate for most inkjet printers and for the printing industry, especially later models with more ink Colors.

If you study the chromaticity diagram, you will see that Adobe RGB 1998 has a slight advantage, mostly in the blue-green Color range.

But this is deceptive because this is the range where Color films and Color printers have the most difficulty.

In fact, as Ken Rockwell points out: "Using Adobe RGB is one of the leading causes of colors not matching between monitor and print".

For custom InkJet printing, GPC LABWORKS will work in the Color space appropriate for your needs, as long as you know what it is. We use the Noritsu 2901 for printing onto Kodak Generations Color paper and it works in CMY mode and uses sRGB by default and this is fixed.

GPC LABWORKS will print WITHOUT corrections, if the client specifies "NO CORRECTIONS" at time of original order. Otherwise, some correction by the operator may be applied.

If you have any questions about the printing procedures being used, please be sure to ask at the time you are placing your order.

Caution: Please don't mess with Color settings, monitor calibration and settings until you are comfortable with doing this. Some changes are irreversible and may not give you desireable results.

For best results, comparisions should always be made under indirect daylight, preferably in an area with white or neutral painted walls.

About Adobe RGB Color Space

Adobe RGB Color Space - From Adobe

Adobe RGB Color Space - From Wikipedia

About sRGB Color Space

sRGB Color Space - From Wikipedia

sRGB Color Space - A Discussion

Comparing sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998 Color Space

sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998 Color Space by Ken Rockwell.

sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998 Color Space - A very good summation.

sRGB vs Adobe RGB 1998 Color Space - Plenty of other discussions, if you really need them.

About Monitor Calibration

Monitor Calibration and Profiling

Monitor Calibrator - epaperpress.com

Monitor Calibrator - Stanley Rowin Photographer - Boston

Calibrate Now!

Calibrate Your Monitor (about.com)

Color Calibration - From Wikipedia

Color Space Wars - From Outdoor Photographer Magazine editor: Rob Sheppard.

This is an excellent overview from an experienced photographer.


Color Reference Images

Reference Calibration Image To get an idea how your system is set up, print this image and compare it to your monitor.

The Pantone Macbeth® Color Checker®.

An HTML approximation of a Macbeth® Color Checker®.

Another HTML approximation of a Macbeth® Color Checker®.

Yet another HTML approximation of a Macbeth® Color Checker®.

RGB Values for Macbeth Color Checker

Note: We have no idea how these color values were determined. These images are included for reference and demonstration purposes only and are supplied without recommendation or warranty. Anyone can clearly see that there are differences between the versions. They are clearly approximations and may work acceptably well within a closed system and are not meant for calibration purposes. There is no substitute for the real thing.

Color Calibration Technical Papers

Color Space Information from Apple

A Standard Default Color Space for the Internet - sRGB


Windows Color Management: Background and Resources (Microsoft)

Copyrights are the property of the rights holder.

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